Selection Rigorous

Vinissimo meticulously selects its vineyard partners based on a commitment to sustainable farming, exceptional terroir quality, and artisanal winemaking excellence. The selection emphasizes eco-friendly practices, a rich heritage, and innovative techniques in crafting distinctive wines. 

By prioritizing vineyards that align with its environmental stewardship, tradition, and creativity values, Vinissimo ensures a portfolio of partners dedicated to producing authentic, high-quality wines that resonate with consumers seeking taste and sustainability.   

Blanville - Languedoc, France.

Founded in 1997 by Béatrice and Bernard Nivollet in Saint-Pargoire, the Blanville estate covers approximately sixty hectares across the AOP Languedoc Grés de Montpellier and AOP Languedoc Pézenas. It initially focused on single-parcel, long-aged mono-varietal wines. 

Known for its international reach in over 25 countries, the vineyard embraced a generational shift in 2015, with the founders' daughters, Charlotte, Margaux, and Marion Mathelin, stepping in and broadening the wine range with younger, fruity creations. 

With a commitment to sustainability, Blanville earned High Environmental Value (HVE) certification in 2019, started organic conversion in 2020, and introduced Domaine des 8 Lunes in 2022, adopting biodynamic practices.

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Biscardo - Verona, Italy

The Biscardo family had diverse business interests in the late 1800s, including the textile and wine industries. Teresa, the grandmother, ran a coaching house called "Tre Corone." 

The winery was established in 1878 and was one of the first operated by Veronese traders. Terenzio Biscardo played a significant role in promoting wine commercial activities from the early 1900s. By the 1930s-1940s, the company had entered the Italian market and supplied wine bottles to restaurants. Additionally, it expanded to the Swiss, English, and German markets. 

Luigi Biscardo's hard work and cutting-edge investments in the wine-making and bottling process in the 1950s made the Biscardo company one of the most important in Veneto.

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