About Vinissimo

Vinissimo is committed to bringing to the market the best quality craft wines and spirits with a high environmental value and original taste, which Asian people appreciate. We have strong action to build a piece of knowledge around the culture of wine in a new lifestyle approach.

 In early 2017, Vinissimo made significant strides in establishing a formidable reputation and forging strong trust bonds with our partners. This period marked a pivotal turning point for us, driven by an unwavering dedication to supplying top-tier wine quality coupled with unparalleled service excellence. As a direct result of these efforts, we witnessed an impressive surge in our clientele within the Cambodian market, reflecting the positive reception of our brands and products. 
Our approach is rooted in a commitment to maintaining stringent quality controls, ensuring that every aspect of our service, from selection to delivery, meets the highest standards of efficiency and professionalism. This focus on quality and service sets us apart in the industry. It reinforces our position as a trusted provider of fine wines, fostering long-term relationships with our partners and customers. 

By continuously seeking ways to enhance our service and wine selection, Vinissimo aims to sustain and expand our market presence, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the wine industry's dynamic landscape.

Our operations are grounded in three fundamental pillars:

- Distribution Channel: Our local distribution firm not only ensures the delivery of wine to our end clients but also fosters close relationships in each locality.

- Branding: Vinissimo is dedicated to crafting a potent brand image for our wines in the ASEAN market.

- Logistic Support: We facilitate the import processes for private clients and distributors, ensuring hassle-free transactions.

Company Value

Thanks to all our value partners, Vinissimo grew and doubled its value in less than four years of operation.

400 K$*

Established as a Limited Company in 2017 and commencing operations in May, Vinissimo is dedicated to delivering exceptional wine quality at competitive prices. Our integrated services encompass the importation of premium wines, efficient distribution across a reliable network, and dynamic brand development, all aimed at enriching the local wine landscape. Through careful selection of world-class vineyards, strategic market positioning, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Vinissimo ensures access to exquisite wines and fosters a culture of wine appreciation, positioning itself as a critical player in the wine industry.

*Approximate Company Value

600 K$*

In 2020, Vinissimo broadened its operations by new importor and distributor in Siem Reap and moving into the eastern parts of Cambodia, cementing its reputation as a trusted and renowned wine brand. 

Intending to extend its market presence in Asia, Vinissimo began the registration process in France as the primary representative office. 

By 2021, the company transformed its business model to establish a distributor network across Cambodia, resulting in seven independent distributors nationwide. Furthermore, Vinissimo explored market expansion opportunities into other Southeast Asian countries, targeting Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, and Malaysia, indicating a strategic push to increase its regional footprint.

1.1 M$*

Vinissimo has been charting a forward-looking course since 2014 with ambitious plans to expand its influence across the ASEAN market, venture into Europe as a renowned negociant, and foster wine expertise by establishing a sommelier school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

The company aims to revolutionize the wine purchasing experience by developing an AI-driven platform tailored to personalized wine recommendations. These strategic initiatives underscore Vinissimo's commitment to innovation and excellence.

 Our Business Model

Negociant / Wine Marchant

Vinissimo plays a crucial role as a wine merchant, offering a solution to distributors who lack import infrastructure and cannot manage the order volume necessary for standalone operations. By providing a tailored solution, Vinissimo facilitates smoother operations and helps these distributors meet their clients' needs efficiently by granting access to a diverse range of wines. This strategic positioning strengthens the wine distribution chain and ensures that smaller players have the support needed to thrive in the competitive market, making Vinissimo an essential link between wine producers and the final consumer.

Market Developement

Vinissimo plays a crucial role in the development of vineyards and distributors in the wine market. It helps vineyards to access international markets by understanding market trends and consumer preferences, thereby broadening their reach. Vinissimo also enriches distributors' portfolios with a carefully curated selection of wines, meeting diverse consumer demands. This dual approach streamlines logistics, ensures regulatory compliance, and enhances marketing efforts, facilitating successful market entry and expansion. With Vinissimo's comprehensive support, vineyards and distributors can achieve global recognition and success, fostering growth within the wine industry.


Vinissimo plays a crucial role as an agent for winemakers, helping them to optimize their market presence in several ways. Firstly, by acting as a liaison, Vinissimo reduces costs, allowing vineyards to avoid heavy financial burdens often associated with reaching new markets directly. This partnership provides wine producers with access to a broader ASEAN market, significantly expanding their potential consumer base without substantial upfront investment in marketing or logistics. Additionally, Vinissimo facilitates direct contact between importers and producers, ensuring a smoother flow of communication and transactions.

Marketing Support

Vinissimo provides marketing support for distributors and winemakers through various means such as organizing events, participating in expos, and developing digital and traditional marketing tools. These efforts aim to improve visibility, enable direct consumer engagement, and promote brand growth through both online and offline promotional activities. By implementing these comprehensive marketing strategies, Vinissimo ensures that its partners achieve a broader audience reach and increased brand recognition in the highly competitive wine industry.

Creative Team and strong background founder

Three individuals spearhead Vinissimo, each harboring a rich background in overseeing multinational companies or institutions. United by a shared vision, they advocate for fostering a novel lifestyle centered on friendship, joy, and happiness.

We decided to build with each producer a long-term business.

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