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We are looking for distributors in Southeast Asia.

Vinissimo serves as the exclusive Brand Ambassador across Southeast Asia for every winery in our portfolio. We offer you the opportunity to become our sole distributor and brand representative within the ASEAN region and beyond. Reach out to us today to seize this advantage.

Exclusive Brand

Vinissimo gives each distributor an exclusive brand so they can enrich and develop it.

Import Services

Vinissimo could handle all kinds of direct import services from the producer to the distributor warehouse. 

Direct connection

We facilitate a direct connection between every distributor and wine producer. 

Business Support

Business and Marketing supports are keys to success. Vinissimo provides every assistance needed to penetrate the market and build an extended, sustained business plan.

Family's Vineyard

Vinissimo is dedicated to an exclusive partnership with artisanal winemakers, where the genuine quality of wine and the narratives that shape its essence are paramount. Our collaboration is with those who are not just winemakers but craftsmen and artists committed to the art of winemaking. They pour their dedication, skill, and passion into every bottle, ensuring that each wine is not merely a drink but an experience of quality, craftsmanship, elegance, and a unique personality. This commitment to artisanal winemaking allows us to offer wines that are exceptional in taste and rich in story and character, reflecting the land they come from and the people who create them.


Private label wine

Vinissimo elevates the wine experience by offering an exclusive collection of personalized wines and labels meticulously crafted to reflect your unique preferences and vision. This bespoke service transforms your wine selection into a distinctly personal and exclusive asset, tailor-made for your business or family. This customization process not only makes your wine collection unique but also imbues it with an unparalleled sense of ownership and pride. With Vinissimo, you're not just purchasing wine; you're curating an exceptional experience that is exclusively yours, setting a new standard in personalized elegance and distinction.

High Environmental Value

Vinissimo is deeply committed to environmental stewardship, insisting that all our producers rigorously comply with environmental protection standards. This commitment ensures that our wine production processes are sustainable and consciously designed to reduce ecological impact. We actively preserve our planet by integrating eco-friendly practices into every facet of our operation, from vineyard management and harvesting to bottling and distribution. This dedication to sustainability reflects our belief that exceptional wine production and environmental health are intrinsically linked, guiding our mission to create exquisite wines while safeguarding the earth for future generations.

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